The Minstrel Boy

Poet:  Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

Source:  Volume 4: Moore’s Irish Melodies

Date of Composition:  1957

Publication: Boosey & Co., Ltd., 1960

Voice Difficulty Level: Moderate

Subject:  Even death cannot end the minstrel boy’s song.

Range:  C#4 – F#5

Tessitura:  F#4 – F#5

Tempo: Broad march; 4/4

Duration:  02:38

Vocal Characteristics: Boisterous march-like melody; soldier-like rhythms; irregular metric phrasing

Piano Difficulty Level:  Difficult

Accompaniment Characteristics: March rhythms, with harp-like figures; sixteenth note septuplet, sextuplet flourishes

Additional Comments: Britten Thematic Catalog

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